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Need a new mac computer

Mac book pro 2011
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I have a old Mac power book pro but but its at the end of it s life. As I look for a new Mac I realize that Mac book now is not the same also the older one. Yes there a faster and more powerful but it just did not feel right, but was it?

Also came to understood that what I loved about my old Mac was no longer apart of this newest generation. Mac’s now have a longer battery life, lighter and faster making it easier to carry. But the lightening up of the Mac comes with a cost
the ports that the Mac had are gone in it place you get something like this attachment it dose not cost a lot but why do I need to buy something that should be about of my $1300 dollar machine and that on the low end specs of it just a basic 2019 Mac Book Pro. Why do I need to pay for for this. For me to purchase a port attachment for a new computer not to update and older model is just one more why to force us to spend more money. I for one love my ports it a great way as an artist to get my work done just by using one machine not everything we use is wireless and what about on a flash drive’s.

I can let go of not having a cd drive but not flash ports what on earth was Apple thinking? They made the Mac book a very expensive iPad not the work horse it was. It could of done anything a PC could do and more on a Mac book. All though it has many of the same Internal features and more. It was the external features the ports and that may it a very useful tool not just the aesthetics of the machine.

I’m curious what do you the reader think about this how do you feel about buying features to a computer that was once part of it. As well as the features that was remover are not obsolete but just in the way of them saving money.

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