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On The Road Again!

Hilton Honors: have you being to one yet?

Is a Hilton Honors a grate place to stay. Will I hope it is I myself I want to know from my reader if I will like my say at the Hilton or not. Has anyone being to one how was it are the people “employees” at the hotels To me the worker can make or brake a hotel!

I am self have been to hotels were you I have found condoms in the bed. That right yuck and it took two hours to come and clean the room. I would like to avoid that once more. So tell me here or on twitter about you experiences at here or any hotel. So I have not heard anything bad about Hilton in fact I have been told that it’s good to great hotel but that pool of people is way to small I would like to add with you have to say I about with happen to you.

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